Construction of sewing patterns

AccuMark Explorer : is product of company GERBER Technology (USA). It is a system for structural preparation of textile production ( digitizing, construction, modelling and hand made positioning).

System AccuMark enables easy entry of the physical patterns from the digitizer. Import and exports of the patterns data are possible from /in wide variety of the CAD systems. Data can be send by email.

System ACCU Nest enables automatic positioning of the pattern parts according to set entering parameters , material and positioning principles. This way it ensures effective efficiency of the given material, which also means financial saving of expenses for the end product. Entry device is a plotter, which prints the cutting patterns on the transfer paper.

Here is in progress defining of the position parameters. One selects the model, width of the material, size of the dress and position limits. Position limits are pre-set according to the type of loading (e.g. crease making, listing), they define f.e. possibility of turning of 180 degrees and so on. It is further possible to take into account contractility or expansibility (3 %).

In the system AccuMark the positioning is possible only by hand. For automatic positioning is the position command sent to the system AccuNest. Key parts may be put in a different position by hand. After positioning is made it can be pictured a preview of material utilization in the position again in the system AccuMark.