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We provide high quality products at a reasonable price.
We rank among significant employers of the region.
Our products clothe workers in many sectors in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.

We produce

We produce work wear, ready-made clothing, leisure clothing and also specialist clothing. We supply to gastronomy, health care and machine industries. We deliver clothing to craftsmen and also to car industries. We are working on our own clothing collection for sports and cynology.

Outdoor clothing

We manufacture clothing for cynology, sports and leisure.

Hired labour

From delivered materials, we manufacture trousers, overalls, coats, blouses, T-shirts, sweat shirts, shirts and others.

We deliver to laundries

We produce orders in volume for laundries in Germany.

Gallery of our products

Demands and inquiries are accepted at email:

Clothing for Gastronomy
Clothing for Health service
Clothing for craftsmen
Clothing for Outdoor

The manufacturing process is completely running at our place.

We provide cutting construction and also digitizing, assigning to sizes, creation and position printing. We process groundwork for production. We dispose of large cutting room. We realize the sewing process, the vendor inspection and shipping. We firmly back up our quality.

Separate parts of the process

Particular parts of the process can be ordered separately.

Construction of sewing patterns

Pattern construction. Digitizing paper pattern. Assigning to sizes. Positioning according to material parameters. Output device is a plotter.

Cutting process

On-loading of material by an electric driven loading machine. Pressing of the paper pattern in ttosition. Cutting off the pattern parts.

Sewing process

Garment manufacturing proceeds in technologic consecutiveness with using many special machines and added equipment.


Creating programmes for embroidery according to pattern. Making embroidery or patches on textiles or on textile products.

Collaborating firms
Permanent staff

We have 400sqm warehouse rooms at our disposal for storing material. Our firm is equipped with a fork-lift truck, space for loading and unloading of material and finished products, there are also hydraulic ramps available for small delivery vans up to trucks.


Job opportunities


tel: +420 606 447 234

tel: +420 724 141 089

direct line: +420 568 450 013



kinds of materials in various colour shades
models in various versions
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Business address
Úvoz 1015, 675 31 Jemnice

Invoicing instructions
Antonín Hotový
Červenomlýnská 405, 675 31 Jemnice
IČO: 60402776
DIČ: CZ6907191423
Bank information: 1524052359/0800