We have ample machinery  which includes sewing machines for common use and also special machines. Labour productivity and exactness of the fabrication of the product are also increased due to additional attachments such as those  for making waistbands. The machinery involves machines with one needle or with several needles. Machines with either a single thread or two threads, or stitching with more threads, chain stitching with 2 threads or more threads with a lapping or overlock stitch and also with a chain covering stitch (used e.g by T-shirts finishing and such like). We have also machines for overlap seams , shoulder machines or machines with a release needle (e.g. for stitching through by pockets in edges with a two needle machine),. Then also machines for finishing operations such as button fastening machines , buttonhole machines ( off-the-rack or underwear holes), lockstitch (bartacking.) machines, machines for sewing press studs (snaps).